Saturday, September 19, 2009

..writing anonymously takes away the thrill form writing gradually and you can almost shut down the blog here it is, the Ms sunshine thing and i am not sure till when will the sunny days will be .. it is this lazy Saturday afternoon and hubby dear is doing his favourite thing 'zzzzzz...' and i as usual cant blink my eye in the afternoon when i am in 'this' kind of mood ..don't know what exactl 'this ' is ! When ever i post some thing i am not sure now whether i should write it for the Dr.jekyll or Ms . Hyde , a relatively new confusion for me! ..

...I am afraid to make any noise since Hd is having his really one of those peaceful sleep and i am typing away ! Did a really disastrous meal today with almost no spice and i am wondering why simple meal can turn so bad , its actually a normal Saturday menu which i made a zillion times till now , many times even to my brother and he loved my aloo curry and tomato rasam so much !! being dassera , the pooja part went well and Hubby actually washed the dishes for me ! He woke up in this dazed fashion with me and said , don't worry , I will wash the dishes and i am like 'which side to see and thank the stars ? I am lucky today and hurriedly went to the bath room before he changes his mind or some thing and by the time i finish he is done with 3/4 of the stuff . I make a delicious coffee and offer him but he is too involved and nods a NO and i take the vessel which he has washed just now , make some coffee and keep back in the sink and he is like 'How many times am i supposed to wash the vessel ..mumble mumble ..and pat comes my reply 'THAT is what I do daily"!! LOL I go into pooja and he is his usual self ''i call it his 'hidden pooja' and goes inside the room and shuts the door !! Don't have a clue what he does inside and when i ask him he says he is done !! Man that happens quit fast and that is when i miss 'my' home when nanna used to do his daily pooja and the whole house would smell of the Agnihotram..Will those days ever come back!!!


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hi nice sunshine !
and we are in same city .