Saturday, May 8, 2010

..and so the long post after a lonng hiatus .So there is a change of plan as it looks like and this blog will be updated slowly with a different kind of content. Mainly about my work experiences and about the different expeditions i will be taking from now on , my effort in taking into different platforms in SAP and also if I will have any luck in the whole process. This thought comes from my desperate need to change my line of work from one part of SAP , like from a developer to any thing other than being an core abap developer.I do have a lot of aspirations and the thirst of growth has reached a desperately needful point.My inspirations have come from lot of things and mainly from the fact there is just one life to live and why not give it the best.
My first job in US has disappointed me in many ways. I was under the impression that the environment would be dynamic and I would be comfortable in some factors in working with the people here.My first on site experience.But it turned out to be nothing but just another offshore experience. The company is laid back and there are practically no deadlines .It might have looked like a great place to work for me a few years back but the actual experience just bored me to death.Actually after working under such high pressure for such a long time , this cannot be considered as even work.And the most surprising factor was the feedback from the client as 'good'. Good for what , i could not guess?!
My plan for the future goes like this.This is 2010 May and I am going to run into another patch of unemployment soon.Searching for a job from here is not working fine , as the consultancies are not calling to the number and by the time they call it would be late night for me.
So by the time I go there and search for a job and if any one offfers one it would another month to be sure.Lord! why these breaks for me?Anyways if everything goes well and I do get a job then I guess life again gets hectic and I would not blog for long time.
It seems having goals is a conditioning of a mind and it takes time to remind it that there is some thing to do and let me really take this as a challenge and start it.Before starting on the actual preparation of the big thing the most important thing is to meet the goal of reading one book per week. So let me be in the task of at least searching the right books as of now.And I need to create a blog roll for it now.I intend to update this blog weekly starting from June 15 and notify where am I standing against my own plans.

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