Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vankaya Pulusu

So reading so many blogs on food and following them religiously is the inspiration for this post.
This is my take on Baingan ka bartha.Now this is a very generic preparation which I have shown below and taking pictures and preparing was a new experience for me. I have new respect for all the food bloggers considering how much time, thinking,money and energy they spend on their blog.In Telugu this is called as 'Pacchi Pulusu' though what I made here is not an exact version of it. Pacchi Pulusu is a great combination for Pongal though.

Every grocery store in US will have these big brinjals which normally we don't use so often.The Indian favorite being the smaller ones which are useful in preparing Stuffed Brinjal curry.The last time I went I just got this variety since buying the same stuff every time was very boring.

So here it goes. Take a big brinjal and apply oil to it from all sides and place it on the stove flame.

Make sure to open all windows when you start preparing this one since this gives lot of smell and my brother at home absolutely hates it.And as you can guess every sister loves what a brother hates :-).

Make sure the brinjal is grilled from all sides by rotating it on the flame once it is done on one side.Then keeping to the side a tumbler with cold water  the skin which turns black after being on the flame is removed by constantly dipping your hand and removing the black skin.
This brinjal is mashed and kept aside.Now take mustard seeds,methi seeds( a few ) , two small onions  and mirchi (3). All these are fried and half a cup of tamarind juice is poured on it. We can also add one spoon of jaggery powder to this mixture.After tamarind juice boils and small bubbles appear add the mashed brinjal and salt to the mixture.

Add cilantro and enjoy the result.You can add more water if you want a liquidy consistency.

If you want to make an exact version of 'Pacchi pulusu' then the tamarind juice is made to thin consistency and is not boiled.The brinjal is mashed in this raw tamarind juice.Onions, mirchi are just mixed rawly into this mixture and tadka is added with methi, mustard and curry leaves.

And if you want to make Brinjal chutney (Andhra style) then follow the below steps

  • The brinjal after being grilled is grinded along with tadka mentioned above, friend onion  and mirchi.
  • Small ball of tamarind is added with little jaggery (very optional)  to this mixture before grinding.
  • It is better if the mixture is just pulsed instead of a hard core grind.

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i am drooling....when will you make this for me????