Monday, January 16, 2017

'I know Amma' I know' ...I know'

These are the words Akhil spoke to me in the morning when I told him his cars are all over the place.Couple of years later I would have no memory of it and I wanted to capture here the surprise on my face when I heard them and realized that my baby is no longer a baby but a 'boy' or a grown toddler. 

So today Akhil stopped crying when I told him I will be reading the 'The very hungry caterpillar ' and we went through the book a whole 3 times from the morning. I think he seems to like the idea that a caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly.

We tried to make him write a few letters on board but were met with running around with his scooter without 'looking at us in the eye'.In one round of running he exactly resembled pocoyo.Hurray for school tomorrow.

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