Tuesday, January 9, 2018

It is a bit strange how I write a few lines in my blog only after reading some one else's blog. Can i collect my thoughts only after this? Only after some reading? Even now if you look from the back you cannot guess that I am going to be 35 weeks soon.But still I patted myself for managing this feat and not driving others crazy.Added to that the house arrest of the last couple of weeks.I hope the baby is not grumpy like me, being born the middle of winter.Poor thing .He is the last thing I think about in a day.

It felt kind of sad when my deceased relative sister told that she is managing a day by avoiding to think about the deceased.For some one who lost a father, I can tell only one thing.Just talk about them. That's the way they want to be remembered.And that time is the best healer.

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