Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thinking aloud.

1.It has been three months settled now in Chennai and I can take any amount of sweat and heat with one sweep of my brow. We missed the summer here but no regrets another one is to follow.
2. I have a new two wheeler to go to work now. It just zooms on Chennai roads.
3.I still some times miss Hyderabad in terms of office atmosphere. I just cant take so much Tamil language and talk.
4. There are workers who stay below my flat and by the time I come home they would be cooking food on fire wood. The smell of fire wood makes me feel like i am 5 year old and my grand mother is boiling water in gangalam in my native place. I feel like going down and eating with day they had their annual fighting session and i was super tempted to go in between and thrash one of the parties , just like a village fight.
5. I am extremely happy over the judgement of supreme court on Ayodhya issue and after long time I am proud to be an Indian.
6.Every time i go to Hyderabad i vow to my self not to go at least for one month just to break the promise in 2 weeks.
7.I wish i had a super strength and would not get tired for any amount of work.

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KB said...

No.7 can be achieved by doing pranayamam (It is true)