Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Khana and Office

From a few days i have been pondering on one point. Am i living for eating or eating for living. My food schedule for today. Today was a strike at home. No cooking and even milk was boiled by hubby. I woke up slept , slept and woke up quite a few times in the morning. So any ways @ home it was just oats for my small tummy.Went to work for a detailed tea beak. Few hours down we had lunch and it was tomato rice, plain uttapam and papad.

One hour down the line my friend had to urgently get some sweets for her daughter's diwali in school. So there we were 3 people zooming towards anand bhavan near velachery. After some sight seeing and watching food we started to get hungry! . And we ordered 2 plates wada and one plate bonda.

down the line after 2 hours we had our semi-annual client webex meeting .My TL who has missed her evening brunch ordered pizza and there I was gorging on garlic bread and pizza once again. Its been quite a busy day.

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