Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Writing these few lines since i am tired of seeing the same old page again and again. Considering the downfall of my posts drastically from 65 per year to 17 , its just a trial to re visit the old passion of writing .

1. I did not know the value of my old shoes until i saw some one without legs. These lines read on a small board in my grand mothers house continually ring in my ears these days.
2. At 30 years after two years of marriage i received roses for the first time in life on valentines day.
3 .Girls cannot keep even a single word in their stomach.
4. Chennai teaches any person the meaning of "politics".
5. I luv my access 125 .


Ms M said... nice to hear about Roses...:) getting roses is always a special thingy :)))

Ms.B said...

Yeah M , he floored the girls in office that day.