Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mind Power

Just when i officially came to the conclusion that there would be nothing spectacular to blog in the near future, life threw this wonderful experience on my face to pull up and write a little bit about the mind power. I just got lucky and attended this training by Thomas L. and his day with us from morning 10 to 5 30 just flew by without knowing when it passed by.
The training on the whole is about the power of mind and how the mind and the cosmic energy communicate with each other and reciprocate depending on the mind waves which we send out intermittently knowingly and unknowingly. Before time again passes by and dust quietly settles on things ( hope not this time) I just wanted to put down on paper his simple words and laws which control the life and mind. The basic aim to increase the mind power is to realize the power of cosmic energy around us and increase the sat( truth) -chit ( awareness ) - ananda ( happiness ) in life .
The following are the main techniques he mentioned in the day long course.
1. morpho breathing ( 5 mins for first 21 days ) : - This is a technique in which you do pranayam and apart from taking slow breaths , you should also visualize that the skin /whole body is also breathing on its own like a entity breathing on its own. you might not believe it but i really felt cold wind on the skin of the hands and legs , a strange kind of tingling sensation when i tired to visualize as he said.

2. Auto suggestion : - The universe on the whole is a huge cosmic being which is always giving what we want. For example if there is some thing that you want to happen , if you continuously suggest the same to the the universe it gives it to you. But the tricky part is the way you ask. If you say " I want to be smart " continuously to yourselves , it might not fetch the result as desired. The way you ask and suggest to your mind should be like " I ' AM' smart " and slowly there comes a change in you which will make you smart . So along with the above breathing technique you should Auto -suggest your mind what ever is the change desired in you and it will happen ultimately.

3. Equalizer breathing technique : This is completely a process to invoke the kundalini shakthi in your body which is tightly capped inside the mooladhara chakra. We have the following chakras in our body :
Chakra - Controlling earth element - Effect
1. Mooladhara chakra - Earth- Relation with every one
2. Swadhistana Chakra - Water - Sex and its urges
3.Manipura Chakrs - Fire - Digestive organs
4.Anahat chakra - Air - Emotions ( love hatred , ego., )
5.Visuddh Chakra - Sky - Ethics , values , religion, morality
6.Agna Chakra - ?? - Controls the pituitary glands,
7. Sahasra chakra -?? -The thousand petalled lotus .
Sushumna nadi is the canal which will allow the passage of energy from the bottom to the top.
The ida and pingala ( right and left respiratory system ) should follow the inhalation : retention : exhalation process with both the nostrils and complete one cycle . The breathing time periods should be in the ratio of 1: 2: 2 like for eg. if we inhale it for 5 secs then retention should be 10 secs and exhalation be 10 secs.

4. Dynamic Visualization :

1. Do Morpho breathing for 1-2 mts to reach alpha state of mind.
2.Create a stage 6 ft ahead of you through visualization
3a. Visualize you are present AS- IS.
3b. Visualize it is a still picture.
3c. Visualize it is a blur picture.
3d. It should be visualized for less than one minute.
4. Put a red curtain on stage and draw a 'X' mark and say to your self " This is how it is ".
5.Open the red curtain and visualize your future as you are present.
5a. Visualize the color picture of what you want.
5b. Visualize as clear picture.
5c. Visualize at least for 5 mins .
5d .Feel as many sense organs as possible when you are visualizing the same.
5e. thought + emotion = manifestation.

6. End the visualization by saying " YES" this is how it is.
7.Open your eyes and write down the action plan to reach your goal and execute it .

Any particular visualization should be done for 21 days for execution.

From day2 of the particular concept we can delete step 3 and 4.


Jaggu said...

I am sure you are getting good knowledge

Ms.B said...

knowledge emo teleedu kani ento kallu moosukuni koorchuntunna..(big feat ) !!