Friday, June 10, 2011

So now that we are back to 'Lets look at the bright side of life'..come let us do a little jig here.
There were days when we were kids ( oh really ) and i remember a bunch of girls riding their bicycles with a big bag at the back of the cycle. They would ride like 2 -3 kms to school and ride back home and this happened for a good 3 years of their life.Was i one of them? Really! Man that is super cool.
And down the lane now ..I just cannot stop complaining.The reason for it is I now walk to railway station everyday, take a train and walk to work from there and do something similar in the evening.I carry a laptop and bag with some food in it.That's it.And I think the whole place can hear some one talking about it continuously.Bragging about it, complaining about it,cursing about it.And this not to mention he dropping me till the station most of the mornings.What happened to the girl above and where did this girl surface from?
One of the side effects of gazing at the computer screens /laptops for 5 years?


Ms.B said...

you have become a bit more posh..... being the "Nala Queen" and all.....

Ms.B said...

yes ..u ..jokerrrr