Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Golden Ten Rules

I had to put this hilarious post which I have saved in drafts sometime back.

Ten things which people(esp consultants ) need to remember in US

a) Always remember to buy the black screen which shields the laptop from other prying eyes.

b) Come to work by 8 30 and just hang on to your computer and crack silly jokes on people.

c) Its all right even if you play luminosity games also but just come by 8 30.

d) Always keep the word 'Thanks' even if there is absolutely no need for it.

e) Always always check if any one is coming for the door after you and always keep the door open for them. Its the ultimate sign of respect for goras..;)

f) Get used to black coffee as you will end up making friends only in kitchen.

h) If Desi manager is there, talk to him as if you are his slave from previous janma.It always help satisfy the enormous ego of these crappy fellows.

i) Never say No ..that you don't want to work on week ends as the manager also makes money in the process.

j) Get some food occasionally ..mind you only baked and keep it on the office table to see it vanish in 10 seconds. Goras and kalaas and brownies are always hungry.

k) I remember an old colleague of mine always asking the three things which must be done at work 'Coffee tagama ?' lunch tinnama and malla coffee tagama . These three things should be done when you come to work here .Country does not matter in this context.

l) Its best if you can talk a little bit about the 'Game' ..people will kill them selves for it.

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