Saturday, October 6, 2012

..and then She decided to take us on a ride with her to NY and we went along with her.
..and then she decided to smile,laugh and cry at the same time and we did that along with her.

O highness of Indian Cinema ..Thank you for coming back into movies. And along with the journey you took ..for taking us along. you might have guessed which movie this is and who is that I am talking about.And Smile I did ..cried I did and went through all the emotions which a pair of two 'coffee drop' eyes decided to take in the 2hr 15 mts length of movie.I can only say one thing after seeing the movie ..Actors are not born often..and Beautiful people who can act are hard to forget.Thank you Sridevi..For English ..Vinglish.

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Ms M said...

This is the best review i have seen so far.....alas, i lost the tickets for the movie and missed watching it...:(