Friday, October 16, 2015

A new post here is something.I was reading the other day my old blog and came upon a small snippet which the kiddo has done a few months back. It was surprising since I read and thought I almost would have forgotten the whole thing if I had not written it down.

I pick the kid from his play time to see him all red faced and over excited. The redness on the face was almost alarming. Then the lady said that it was because of the sweater coat combination that day.So much for over protection. Before this turns into a mommy blog I came across an article on tastefully doing houses and how much would I spend if a chance is given on just cutlery or most importantly beautiful mugs. Maybe a whole rack of them. Really would there be enough space ??At any time in any home??


Ms M said...

Space can be made with a pre conceived idea...but so many beautiful mugs.....kis kis ko lekar aaye??

Ms.B said...

arrey kaha..agar chance mila tho..I will get all the beautiful mugs in the world.