Friday, May 6, 2016

To cook in the morning or cook in the night.

This has become the most debated and thought intensified question of the day. Yes we Indians cook only in the morning in the bygone days when there  was a servant maid who cleaned the house, some one cleaned the dishes and some one cleaned the kid /kids. But  the modern day house wife has all this into one leaving the mornings with a bizarre sequence of cleaning thyself, cleaning the kid and cleaning the home + plus cooking fresh food for all the three mouths. Plus the obligatory incense and light bearing ceremony to  God. Try to talk her in between these sequence of events and you might get a bark for reply.Tired, irritated and almost on the verge of writing a rant by throwing everything on the floor and just sulking before laptop. And thus pops the question once again should she cook in the morning and leave everything thought of fresh food into the past and cook in the night??

Such goes on the thought process of the Indian housewife who is always in the kitchen and always bugged up with some work.Poor thing.


Ms M said...

I would be Happy if someone else cooks morning and evening for me ;)

Ms.B said...

ha ha madhu ..every girl's dream :)