Sunday, January 14, 2018

..and we tried to make the best of the day in spite of the blocked up nose and run down spirits.I did zero cooking and the day was well spent with family.It feels strange when you are sitting with your family and hardly have anything worthwhile to say to them.Except the whole time you head is brooding with the thoughts of the cold running in the nose and if it would be passed on to the baby.And the other thought that was bothering me today was how i was not able to recollect the names of film actors and movies.Is this forgetfulness because of pregnancy or because the body is hinting on something else. They say pregnancy triggers some things in body..i hope the forgetfulness is not one of them.
Never in my life have I fascinated doctors but after seeing the lifestyle of all the doctors and their families in NJ, i really envy them now.

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