Saturday, June 18, 2011

I was wondering what was special about the date June 14 If i was forgetting some important day on those lines when it occurred that there was nothing special but it would be normally school re-opening day after summer.So officially summer is over.And so would be the week end.

I was reading Radio Parul and it was so nice to read about hari bhari tokri.I mean just the thought of fresh vegetables every week end with the guarantee that they are fresh and tasty and at the same with the slight satisfaction that there was link with them to you and you helped some one at the same time is great.Maybe one day I will grow vegetable garden and will have the luxury of sitting under a full grown tree and relaxing with 'Duffy' ( my dog then) at my side. Crooning some song.. just content.


Ms M said...

'Duffy' ...??? I didnt know u had love for dogs....may be the other side of 'Gemini girl KB'

Ms.B said...

Hey M u know i luv dogs ..and thats becomes interesting because hubby cant stand them..he he!