Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week end that was

Seriously I want to start a fashion blog. I mean how difficult can it be.Shop all the branded things,assemble them into a pretty picture,take a good picture of you and Lo! you are done.I just wish it was so simple.So I still face some problems in getting to work in formal wear.I can shop but like last time I don't want them to be unused every time I move back.So anyways week end and the days before that were pretty happening since I got a lot if stuff done.
Went to written test-passed-came back.Driving class-doing well.Went to Malibu yesterday evening.Went with this couple who were very young and and all that.And after few hours I started wondering If it was possible at all to have real good company.Anyways it was a good experience and I regretted to the core for not taking the camera.Yeah i am very stupid.The pacific coast high way so beautiful.I just hope we go there again.

I saw in face book one of my friends writing that she had great time at Los calibitos which is like 2 hrs from where we stay.Felt kind of bad that friends are restricted only to show off in facebook.Not to call and actually socialize.Well..That's from me.

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Jaggu said...

looks like you had a Good weekend. Enjoy.