Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The smile stress

Well my blogging time is increasing by the day.This is a great stress buster to me. God bless the companies who don't block blogger and jug jug jiyo.

So coming to the point, people are some times strange in new places.You need to smile. Well all the time and this seems to be a pain in the neck ..err..sorry on my face the sides of my face are really aching. The incessant smiling is also stressing me out and I just read that keeping glum for sometimes is good for mental health as it relieves some of your glumness. The day started by me waking up at 7 45 and it was like mad rush to get to work.

I am wondering how many years can I really not show age.I mean there will be a point when people will start to think discreetly as to ' Oh she is quite old' .It might not have happened till now but it is bound to happen .I hope I have the next development by that time.

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