Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So the morose day started and as the day progressed the moroseness increased by degrees.How else can be a tuesday when things are as usually going as wrong as they can be. Hubby was happy with my driving skills and said he really got a kick out of his 'students' performance. But my confidence levels did not increase much and dread at the thought of driving alone still.May be I wont.I think driving here has to be done in one alert mode where you need to think that you are some kind of superman trying to fix something on the road and that there is some purpose at the end.I think you understand it is a very mental exercise.So anyways by the time i reached here, the office had this quiet drum sound as usual.I pretended to work for some time and slowly escaped from seat on the pretext of having coffee . Called mom and whined one more time until she said she will hang up if i don't come out of the mood.And then she started to talk about the recent family get together she went and how every one was talking about others and it really saddened me.I think dad had just enough of all these things.

The elders who have their sons/daughters married bitch about the ones who did not get their ones yet married or rather who have kids who have not married. The elders who have grandchildren bitch about the ones who dont have them.Man this world is filled with bitch'ism' .Sorry for the language but that is how I think.And facebook is the bitch maker of this world.It has become a pure show off place.

At one time the bitch word was such a bad thing in my dictionary and now that is the only one at the edge of the tongue.bitch and bloody.and if things get still bad its bloody bull shit.Well anyway sorry for the bad mouthed words.

Its strange that with every year my nervous energy is increasing. Like for example every morning I need to see in the mirror and say 'Hey its going to be a wonderful day' at least 3 times just to feel better,become calm and go about the day.Hey is it some thing strange? The main problem here is the getting ready part.Now i am the most comfortable in indian wear.Had the most beautiful collection of them and there was huge fan following about them.But the formal wear is getting on my nerves.I never feel pretty about them and today after one month I have decided not to wear them at all. I came in my indian clothes and still no one seems to notice them.Oh I miss my fan followers.

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