Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Anne Frank Effect

Dear Kitty,
As you might have observed that my blog needs some food just like the hungry famished fish on the page.And today I have both, food for the fish and my blog. Just when I was thinking my driving levels have reached some good standards I did a mistake. Well ,Gods grace nothing happened.But had any of my people ..I mean My husband or my friends husband has seen it ..then probably I would not be driving for a week from now or forever.But as I said it was mistake and god saved me.And just for the record of it I am writing it here so that you know ,I don't forget what I did and don't repeat it.But anyways it has been a damper on my bright spirit ;)!!.

Other than that life's been growing on me and I kept flowing with it once again. From morning to night and morning again. I have been a lazzzy person once gain and the minor health problems have cropped up again. Well serves me right for being such a vegetable. Other than that I have food cravings .Craving for my mom's food.Every day by evening I just wish some one would give me some food and and I can relax.But the harsh truth is I need to was dishes and then cook. I just don't like the food I cook so I wait to be really hungry and then eat.I think the whole process is making me weak. I wish there was a super tablet to give me infinite energy.


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