Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Kitty,

As you might have observed though I have returned the book Anne Frank : Diary of a young girl' back to library, the effect is still not wearing off. Well today I finally went to Kohl's and brought the blender I was planning to buy for sometime. It is not the same as my Philips grinder but all the same it seems this one is the closest.It makes me really regret that I did not get it from India. And yes as you understood today was also one of the driving days. I think I roamed whole Tustin today almost one big circle on McFadden Ave. But still life without hubby at the side is very boring. Its like you pay the price for everything.OK so yo have a job then you are ought to be alone.OK you are with family then you don't need a job.And I think I have been through all the permutations and combinations of things possible now.

But still I have to thank the dear lord for the food on my plate,shelter on the head and some quid in the bank.Amen.

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