Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Kitty,

As you have observed, as the number of posts go by I keep getting fond of you.I just have to talk to you kitty.Last year this time, On the Tuesdays of this month I was super busy. Courtesy some good hard work and Puja every Tuesday.And see me now crawling in my own self pity to just do the dishes.Can you tell me why this change has come over me? Why is the energy which was so abundant last time is so deplete now. Well I don't seem to know that. Is it because every small thing has to be done by me. Well even in Chennai I was doing things by myself except dishes. Then what is it? So after all these questions I have decided to eat healthy and made some very healthy drink in the morning.It lasted I guess in my stomach for one hour I guess before my hunger pangs started again.And no its not good news. Looks like some serious eating business is wanted urgently.
I think its mainly because I am so stuffed up the whole day. I mean there is no one to share any thing the whole day.I get stuffed up with myself.Then I cant even write the blog in the fear of some one seeing it.How do people survive in this part of the world ,I simply cannot understand some times.Its kind of depressing.I am just not used to this culture of artificial smiles and 'Hellos' .What exactly do you talk to some one here?
On other note its a good sign that even after 2+ years of marriage hubby and me still miss each other when we are away. So on that note let me talk to you again.Hubby complimented that I have become a terrific driver.Thank you garmin.

Yours ,

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