Thursday, August 25, 2011

And then there came a day
when I wanted to be a poet
or a prolific writer..
who puts their words in a beautiful line..But I am just a scribbler who fumbles for words
and puts
together ..thinking it is a story.
For all the people who scribble like me
lets form a group and call it
the scribbler paradise..or a dead scribbler world ..
what ever you call it ..
a blank page is like a canvas to paint..
a book to finish..
and song to learn and sing..
What ever you call us..
today I am in a mood to write world with some tune
and smile at the bright sunshine of the evening.


Ms M said...

wow This is nice.....even the blog looks so colorful.....!!! Liked it...and liked the mood of you to write....Long Live ppl in "scribbler paradise"...I like to call it that way :))

Ms.B said...

thanks babe..!

Ms M said...

feed the fish here too Mam!!!...We are starving to hear from sunshine....