Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So the much awaited post on this blog.Me and hubby celebrated vinayaka chaviti together this time.'BAM' that itself is something to celebrate.And lo behold I did something to which my mom is still is in shock.I made a small clay ganapathi seeing some video in youtube.It was fun. While I was doing it i had vivid memories from my childhood ( 2nd class) of my drawing/painting classes. My master-piece at that age were drawing 2 elephants in circus with the legs of one elephant  on the other one. I still remember painting them by mixing brown and black. If the other schools  I changed henceforth been as good to me ..maybe I would have an alternative career by now...Anyways this was a eco-friendly vinayaka having turmeric as the paint and mustard seeds as eyes :-)..Nice idea right.Courtesy this video.

On other note I just wanted to mention that life is allll about attitudes.Every person has a  different path to travel and it takes the fun out if you start comparing the lines.For example there was a girl at my work place who was not-so-fabulous to look at.But she always sticked a smile to her face and was very approachable.Good things happen when you smile I tell you.And there was another person who was a fab to look at but hardly smiled.My two thoughts on people.

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