Tuesday, August 16, 2011

..and my two cents on my blogging life.Initialy when i started to blog I was super excited and was a frequent lurker to mommy blogs.But after time passed I realized that I am no longer intrested in other people's life .Their problems ..their stories.What works for one person will not necessarily work for other.then what is the point of reading some other person's life...so for a period of time I stopped blogging and just kept updating my hidden blog with some things which I can never update on this public one.But its is really great that there are people have such strong opinions and stand by them ..and also write beautifully about them.
..and many people made great friends also.Well ..I am not a great writer and just kept writing about the random things ...which are really not so important.I mean all these famous bloggers have strong opinions and have the will to write about them publicly on the wall.....when these people write aganist their in laws or some person dont their husbands find it odd that they have the opinion which they have.I mean how does it work out for these people...
..anyways after 5 years of reading blogs and other people 's life ..I feel I am done. I think I will remove the links soon from this page except of course fashion blogs.;-). they will still be around for some time.

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