Monday, September 24, 2012


What I Expected : I had great expectations from this movie. The times of India giving it 4.5 stars and so many people raving about the 'Bong' capacity of making movies..I thought I could see some thing to make the 2.5 hrs easy.

What I saw : Re-runs of Charlie chaplin stunts by Ranbir Kapoor.The same police -thief runnng around. I agree some parts were funny but was not my idea of fun at all. I like Illeana the best where she proves that a saree can grace a size zero person too.Priyanka I think has really acted in this movie.I mean really.But the concept of the hero doing the comedy stuff running up and down and here and there..Hubby went for 50 mts long break of loo and I was the first to step out from the theatre .Not my definition of 4.5 stars at all.

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